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A logo of any business or company is not a combination of font, fancy lines or colours. It is basically identity of a brand, more over we can say a brand is identified by a logo. For such important identity, there is need of systematic planning, creativity, thinking and meaning full massage and so on. That is why by simply sitting and drawing famous things is not logo. At QRS INFOSYS we have experts who know how to design a logo. While designing logo we have to go through a systematic process.

Why Choose Us
  • Psychology of Colours -: At QRS INFOSYS, our expertise use cunning applications of various colour psychology for selecting the suitable colours. Which helps in hitting the target audience for your brand.
  • Does R&D -: There is need of research and development to create a logo because it make us sure about the success of logo.
  • When Art Meets Science -: We know that a good Design is not only a science or technology it is a creative art also. That is why at QRS INFOSYS we have creatively gifted and most experienced graphic designers.
  • ‘Out of the Box’ Ideas -: We always use new ideas for fresh logos. Because our professionals believe in ‘out of box’ ideas.
  • No Template Based Solution -: Our designers never use readymade templates for logo designing.
  • Visual Elegance -: We create high class Designs which focus on brand recall along with product marketing.
  • Creativity at Its Best -: Can intelligent logos be effective? We at QRS INFOSYS creates logos that always help brand to give a solid impression to audience and also communicate the message of brand effectively.
Importance of a Professionally Designed Logo
The process we follow to design your logo
The Design Brief
Sketching & Conceptualising
Trademark ™ & Copyright ®
Visual Research
A Great Concept Behind It

We Love What We Do & That's What Is Reflected

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Logo Design GIVES YOU
  • It's used to identify
  • It can be used as a universal language
  • Logo stands for credibility
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  • QRS Info SystemExtremely fast delivery
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