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Java invented by sun microsystems is gaining importance for application development as it allows applications to be developed that run on multiple platforms. Its object oriented architecture provides applications that are secure and easy to modify in the future. We develop java applications that are tailored to the customer needs. We provide both on-line and offline applications.

On-line Applications
Internet has proliferated more quickly than what even the most optimistic person predicted. As more and more people are using the internet the demand for web applications is on the surge. A web application allows interaction with the internet through a web browser. The main reason for web application success is that any modification or update can be carried out without touching the client side software. A java web application is built using a number of technologies like J2EE, Javascript, JSF, Struts etc., thus building a good web application demands through understanding of these technologies. Our development team is highly competent and trained to develop good web applications.
Offline Applications
For all the advantages of on-line applications there are limitations to them. One of them is that it is not always possible to be online. To overcome these limitations Java offers offline application development capabilities. It is desirable to have interaction between on-line and offline applications. We develop applications that work offline and if desirable interact with on-line applications.

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Custom Java Application Development Services
Some of the Java-based services offered by the company include
Enterprise Software Application Development
SaaS Application Development
Web Portal Development
Software Development
Application Testing
Migration, Enhancement, and Integration of Java Applications
Technology Experience
Application Maintenance
Java & JSP Integration
Applet development

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