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QRS Info System
In the age of technology printed books are not the only means for gaining knowledge. Digital books also known as e-books are on the rise and might replace printed books in the future. Company which embraces the digital revolution soon outperforms its archaic competitors. Due to the dynamic nature of technological world every company need to train its employees to keep pace with the latest environment. QRSInfosys ensures that your workforce possess the necessary skills by training them when and where needed through innovative ways.

We offer the following e-learning solutions:
  • Computer-Based Training (CBT) in which we provide relevant e-books
  • Mobile learning (m-Learning) in which we provide mobile applications that train on the go
  • Online Assessments Engines that help in assessing the progress made
  • Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) in which employees are taught through video conferencing
  • Scenario, simulation and game based learning where employees are trained through real life simulations     
Benefits of E-Learning Solutions Services
Benefit from the most efficient and effective authoring, mobile authoring and LMS products from Knowledge Presenter.
Improved employee productivity
Greater access to training for all participants
Reduction in training expenses
Faster training development
Creating a Global Workforce
Managing Flat Organizations
  • Layout, Usability And Functionality
  • Enhancements & Project Development
  • Deployment, Support And Promotion
Why QRS Info System
  • QRS Info SystemExtremely fast delivery
  • QRS Info SystemPredictable Projects
  • QRS Info System24 hour response time
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