QRS Info System
Open Source Implementation
QRS Info System
With an array of open source development options available it is easy to be baffled beforehand. Careful selection of an open source framework for development reduces both the time and money for a business. The tiresome task of adapting to an open source environment is mollified with the help of a skilled solutions provider.

Open source environment offers the followi- ng advantages:
  • Transparency: Open source implementation is transparent in that it allows users to modify it for enhanced performance based on their feedback reviews. Lack of transparency in commercial products is always frowned upon by the organizations that need constant improvisations.
  • Early release of the product: In Open Source environment, developers release beta versions of their product that allows the community test the software for possible errors and bugs. This ensures that the final product is stable.
  • Wide Network Community: Due to their free availability open source environments are used by a wide network community and feedbacks from people using the product help in refining the final product.
Advantages over propriety software imple- mentation
  • Cost effective and in accordance with user specific requirements.
  • Time saving
  • Application rights owned by the client company
  • Easy modification of features
  • Layout, Usability And Functionality
  • Enhancements & Project Development
  • Deployment, Support And Promotion
Why QRS Info System
  • QRS Info SystemExtremely fast delivery
  • QRS Info SystemPredictable Projects
  • QRS Info System24 hour response time
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